Jo’s Learning Academy Healthy Food Program

Jo’s Learning Academy is committed to preparing and serving healthy and nutritious meals and snacks to children enrolled in its early education and care programs.  Jo’s want young children to develop healthy eating habits and know these habits begin at home and in early childhood settings.
To fulfill its commitment to healthy and nutritious food preparation, Jo’s is renovating and building a state of art commercial kitchen in a building it owns at 4823 West North Avenue, thanks to a generous contribution from an anonymous donor.  The new kitchen will allow Jo’s to daily prepare meals and snacks for three-hundred children with an emphasis on locally grown vegetables, meats and fruits, rather than commercially processed foods.
Another key component of Jo’s Healthy Food program is a strong focus on parent education. Features include education and training on healthy food preparation; cooking demonstrations on how to prepare healthy and nutritious meals using locally sourced vegetables and fruits; promote benefits of healthy eating to reduce high fat, sugar and sodium content in their diets; and disseminate easy to prepare recipes for home use.
Jo’s Healthy Food program is designed to encourage, support and serve as a resource to help parents make healthier food choices for themselves and their children.