JO’S Programs

JO’S Programs is a non-profit that began to bring comprehensive support to families in the JO’S community.

Financial Literacy
More than ever, we know that understanding how to earn and manage money is important. It is a good thing that JO’S started working with families around this before the pandemic. Through partnership with Legacy Foundation Fund, JO’S Programs facilitated a weekly financial literacy program that invited local entrepreneurs and representatives of Milwaukee to have lunch with our staff and talk about different financial topics such as money management, investing, and insurance. We had JO’S CEO Schnell Price-Lambert kick off the series by talking about achieving goals and learning to invest in yourself. Many other entrepreneurs and individuals from companies such as Bara Legacies, Milwaukee Succeeds, Legacy Bank, and Associated Bank talked about investing, checking and savings, credit scores, life insurance, and philanthropy. We asked questions like: where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What will your life be like? How will you sort through all the possible pathways and make your0 dreams a reality? Through this educational initiative, young women were able to set goals and create steps to achieve these goals.