Family Engagement

Acelero hosts Family Fun Nights every two months at our north location. This is to incorporate parents and family members to join along through different theme events to complete PEER card activities. Some of our previous events were Winter WonderLand, Night on the Farm, and a Family Learning Party for Dads. Another form of family engagement is inviting the parents in to share a meal with us. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Acelero’s Family Fun Nights are interactive via Zoom to encourage safety precautions and the well-being of families. It’s a safer interaction but just as fun.

Next Door’s Books for Kids program has collected and distributed more than 2 million books to Next Door students and children across Milwaukee. Their Mobile Library visits our south location so that JO’S families can come abroad and pick two books of their choice. Families have a blast as they join together to see the interesting selections that the Mobile Library has to offer!  

Through a partnership with the YMCA, JO’S Learning Academy received a generous donation of individual boxed fresh produce, and we gave them to our families every Friday. Each box contained a different variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a different recipe to try delicious healthy meals. During the Fall, we turned our garden into a nice pumpkin patch for families to explore. Family members get to  pick out their favorite pumpkins and take a group photo.