JO’S early elementary programs are supported, in part, by a partnership with the College of Education and Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University, which has a reputation in Wisconsin for excellence in teacher development, leadership development, literacy and language development, and civic engagement. The objectives of the partnership are to:
1) support the professional development of teachers at JO’S Learning Academy in order to provide high-quality educational experiences for its children.
2) create a place where teacher candidates from Cardinal Stritch University can observe the development of young children and provide meaningful teaching experiences for them.
3) educate all children to high levels through knowing, valuing and using their rich cultural backgrounds, languages and learning styles within the context of the classroom environment.
Students and faculty from Cardinal Stritch University have opportunities to be engaged at JO’S Learning Academy through undergraduate coursework (RLA 307: Early Childhood Language, Learning and Literacy & RLA 312: Middle Childhood Language, Literacy and Learning) observations, volunteer opportunities and student teaching experiences.
Dr. Aaliyah Baker has over 15 years of K12 experience and teaches undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral courses in the College of Education and Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University. She maintains a strong partnership with JO’S Learning Academy by developing and supporting curriculum, assessment and instruction in primary grades.  Her research interests include Multicultural Education and Critical Theory. To provide leadership and be of service, Dr. Baker facilitates professional development trainings for the teachers at JO’S Learning Academy, supports students’ academic success, participates in the planning and preparation of a standards-based curriculum and manages effective instructional techniques through research-based models of coaching.

Dr. Heather Pauly is an assistant professor in the College of Education and Leadership at Cardinal Stritch University, teaching undergraduate and graduate literacy and special education courses.  Dr. Pauly is a licensed speech-language pathologist and Reading Specialist with K12 experience in both positions. Dr. Pauly maintains a partnership with JO’S Learning Academy by developing and supporting student interventions related to literacy. Her research interests include early language and literacy development and English Language Learners.

The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs (NAC), offers early childhood leaders the opportunity to demonstrate and document quality performance using research-based criteria and evidence-based practices. NAC accredits our childcare center for our outstanding professionalism and program quality.    

Students from MATC choose JO’S Early Learning Academy to complete their practicum here. They get hands on experience and 1-on-1 coaching with the teachers in the classroom.  

JO’S Learning Academy is partnering with Acelero Learning Milwaukee County to provide world class Head Start services for 68 children at our north side facility.  Acelero Learning is one of the country’s premier providers of Head Start programs, and Milwaukee represents their fourth location.  The mission of Acelero Learning is to bring a relentless focus on positive child and family outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program.  Acelero’s Head Start programs have demonstrated child outcome gains more than twice the national average and in 2013 completed a Federal Monitoring Review with zero deficiencies, areas of non-compliance, or areas of concern.

The Wisconsin Religious Independent School Association is a nonprofit organization formed in 1991 by the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools to provide non-public schools with an ongoing school improvement process. WRISA accredits nonpublic schools, such JO’S Learning Academy, that meet rigorous standards of excellence and demonstrate continuous school improvement.

Next Door Foundation supports the intellectual, physical and emotional development of children by partnering with their families for success in school and the community. Next Door has been in partnership with JO’S Early Learning Academy for more than 14 years. Offering Early Head Start and Head Start, Next Door follows their S.T.A.R. Values. Safe. Thoughtful. Accountable. Respectful. By fostering these values in every member of the Next Door family—students, parents, teachers and staff—a foundation is set for success that goes much deeper than academics. When children learn the power of respect, the value of owning their own behaviors, and the importance of thinking through challenges—all within a safe and loving environment—that’s how every child becomes a STAR.

The Social Development Commission (SDC) provides nutritional meals for children in both our childcare centers and our K4-2nd grade school. SDC provides breakfast, lunch, and snack for JO’S Learning Academy and deliveries formula, breakfast cereal, and baby food for children under one.