The Mission of JO’S Learning Academy is to increase the success of low income young children in academic, social-emotional, and literacy skills and to empower the families as partners in their children’s success.


JO’S Learning Academy is committed to active and creative learning. We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with support, encouragement and in partnership with our families. The mission of JO’S Learning Academy is to increase academic, social/emotional and early literacy skills of young children and to empower families to be active partners in their children’s success. 

Core Values

JO’S Learning Academy has a strong commitment to instill in young children it serves. This includes social and learning foundations that last throughout their lifetime. JO’S is committed to provide these foundations through qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals to ensure the wellbeing and future development of children enrolled in K4-2nd grade.

JO’S Learning Academy’s commitment to quality is embodied in the following values:

  • A quality school program that supports the social and emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child;
  • A quality school program that promotes positive school/home relationships between parents, guardians, teachers, and staff;
  • A quality school program that respects and celebrates diversity of its students, families and staff;
  • A quality school staff that is trained in early childhood and primary education to understand the development and needs of young children and how they develop and learn;  
  • A quality school that focuses on differentiations and personalized learning for each child with small adult and child ratios;
  • A quality school where children learn, develop and are supported so they can be successful.